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Super Bowl Unfortunately Means Sex Trafficking

Did you know that each year the Super Bowl is the largest sex trafficking event in America?


When most of us think of the Super Bowl we think of parties with friends and family, finger food and the half time show. However, what you might not know is each year the Super Bowl is the largest sex trafficking event in America. You heard right. Last year alone, during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, law enforcement agencies in 17 states arrested almost 600 people and rescued 68 victims during a sting.


Many in America see sex trafficking as something that doesn’t happen in our country. However, 27 million people are being held against their will as sex slaves in the world.  Two million of these people are children.  This is not just a third world problem. It is a universal issue.


One organization that has helped to not only free victims of sex trafficking and catch violators is Operation Underground Railroad.  They are an elite group comprised of CIA, Navy SEALs and Special Ops operatives. They are also helping to educate citizens about sex trafficking that could be happening around them. Led by founder Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad as saved 608 child sex workers and helped in the arrests of more than 275 traffickers worldwide.


To learn more about Operation Underground Railroad, visit their official website.





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