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Sunset Blonde’s Signature Eye Makeup Technique

A How-to achieve a gorgeous cat-eye using only eyeshadows and mascara.


I have blonde hair, and therefore, blonde eyelashes, and eyebrows…this sometimes is not so pretty. So I have come up with a certain way that I like to do my eye makeup that really accentuates the shape and beauty of them.

Below is a photo of how my eye looks with no eye makeup on:

I love more of a cat-eye look and the almond shape, enhancing the outer corners of my eyes and keeping it natural and lighter on the inner corners. I place the eyeshadow in an UP & OUT technique.  I have come up with this special way to do my eye makeup that I have also tried on some of my makeup clients that seems to work well on a variety of eye shapes.

Here is the finished look:

Without eye makeup, my eyes look small and close-set. I try to make my eyes look larger and farther apart.

Dust a pale, light-reflective shadow across the inner three-quarters of each lid, then apply a dark shadow from lash line to crease at the outer corner using the small shader brush (see brush below). I use A bronze or brown color because it looks more natural than any other shade.

Next step is to add the same bronze color eyeshadow to the lower lashline starting at the outer corner and blending and tapering off half way only:

TIP: Please limit dark liner to the outer corner of your eye (top and bottom) if you are going to use it. But I recommend it at night, I think it tends to be too dark for the daytime. Here is how I apply the cream liner crayon, which I like in either brown or purple. In this photo I’m using the purple one, to give it a subtle pop so that you can see it. I apply it inside lower lashline and underlashes on outer corners only:

Next, BLEND!! Blend the shadow into the crease and outer corners with the larger blending brush.

Add mascara to top lashes, concentrating on outer corners and sweeping lashes out. It is also very important to get the mascara as close to the lash line as you can.

Add a light coat of mascara to the outer corner bottom lashes, and VERY lightly to inner bottom lashes:

Again, concentrate on putting the mascara thicker on the outer corner lashes:

Blending and placement of color are super important.

Sometimes I will add some liquid Eyeliner and False lashes for a more glamorous look for photo shoots or a night out. The photo pictured directly below has no liquid eyeliner and No false lashes. All mine baby!


Brush Up
Your fingers will NOT get the job done. You really need good brushes which are dramatically better for blending and building color.
Here is what you need:
You can buy these brushes as a set or individually from
From top to bottom:
Long and fluffy, this tool is perfect for shading your creases, emphasizing the outer corners of your eyes, and blending shadows together. This is my favorite brush, and is essential to this soft shadow look.
It’s ideal for applying your base color. Choose one made with super-soft natural hairs, like sable or goat, if you’re working with powdered shadow. I don’t like cream shadows, unless they come in the form of a thick eye pencil.
 I love this brush for shading dark underneath the bottom lashes, outer corners and in the crease. Followed by the Blender Brush to really blend the shadow above the crease.

Some makeup products I recommend to get this look:

Available only for a limited time: Extra Dimension Eyeshadows from MAC in Rich Core (which is a shimmery wine color) and Havana (a pretty bronze), These shadows have high pigmentation and are easily blended.
Also, pictured above are my new favorite Jumbo Crayons from Sephora called Sephora 12H (12 Hour) Waterproof Jumbo Crayons. I have them in almost all the colors, but pictured above is my favorite bronze color in #07 Brown, and #01 White. And below is the Purple color that I used in the photos above.

These are the new shadows and jumbo Cream liner sticks that I’m using right now. I use the shadows on outer corners of upper eyelid and blend into the crease with the small shader brush, then blend with the Blender Brush. Followed by a swipe of the bronze Jumbo Liner pencil under bottom lashes on the outer corners only. Sometimes I will use a highlighter  or light shadow color on the inner corners.

I used this Bronze Essential Eye Shadow Single from Kevyn Aucoin Beauty in the photos above. This is a smooth Bronze color that blends well and comes in a nice compact with a tiny mirror.

The great thing about this look is that once you master it, you can play with different eyeshadow colors. It is really quick and easy to do, and has amazing results.

Also, stay tuned for the Darker & more glamorous night-time version of my Signature Sunset Eye look! With darker eyeshadow, Liquid Eyeliner and False Lashes!

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