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Sunset Blonde: My Favorite Makeup Look

Everyone has a different way that they like to do their makeup. Sometimes it’s to correct flaws, sometimes it’s to enhance features, or sometimes it’s for fun. But I have a certain way that I do my makeup where I feel that I look the prettiest.



It’s not the most natural look, but as I mentioned, I like to enhance my eyes as the main focus. To achieve this I typically use very natural colors like browns, bronze, subtle shimmers, and use a nude lip color. Although I do like to use black eyeliner and mascara, sometimes when I want a more natural look I will use brown. I also like to vary the eyeshadow, by making it darker (using a dark brown colored shadow or appying more) for a dramatic look, or a softer/daytime look with light brown/taupe color & softer application. I also will apply it either more heavily with a smaller bristled eyeshadow brush like the Baby Bullet Brush or very lightly with a fluffier brush like the Soft Blender Brush from Sunset Blonde Beauty Brushes.


Also, see my signature eye makeup look, as well as my eyeliner how-to blog post to see how to accomplish this look!



Instead of using blush on most days, instead I just use a warm toned bronzer just under my cheekbones to add dimension and color to my face using the Fancy Cheeky Brush by Sunset Blonde:



This isn’t a how-to post, it’s just to show you how I like to wear my makeup.



THANKS FOR READING! Please let me know if you have any questions?





Sunset Blonde



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