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Summer Vacation Destinations to Watch

Summer is here and you’re probably in the mood to do some vacationing – there are a ton of different destinations out there, and choosing the right one? Well, it might be a matter of opinion, but it helps to have some guidance.

Today we’re going to discuss a few of the most popular destinations that you need to be watching. You probably won’t be able to visit all of them in one trip, but you certainly have a few hotspots to stretch out over the next few years. Let’s get started, shall we?


Andalucia, Spain

A Lush Destination

Spain has always been a beautiful country, and Andalucia is without a doubt one of the most amazing destinations. If you’re looking for the quintessential European landscape, Andalucia has it, with the endless green hills, the clear, rushing rivers, and farmlands as far as the eye can see. It’s almost like dropping into the past and seeing architecture from another time. While you’re here, make sure you see the Alcazar Castle in Seville and Granada’s Alhambra palace.


Azores Islands, Portugal

An Otherworldly Experience

The Azores Islands are unique in their own way, delivering beautiful volcanic landscapes alongside a dolphin inhabited sea. The marine life is exhilarating and definitely worth experiencing if you are ever out this way. The otherworldly landscape is easily complimented by the rolling green pastures and fishing villages that bring you closer to nature than ever before.



The Ultimate Combination of British and American Culture

Bermuda sits sack in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean and is a British Island Territory. It is often known for its pink sandy beaches and it’s an outstanding place to see a fusion of two cultures – British and American.



South America’s Most Vibrant Destination

There are a ton of great things to see in Chile, for example, the National History Museum and the Plaza de Armas, both of which are outstanding locations for photo opportunities.


County Kerry

From a Galaxy Far Far Away

If you’ve seen Rogue one then you’ve seen this spot already. The Skellig Islands were front and center in the movie, but in real life, they’re right here on earth, in the peninsular southwest region of Ireland.



Your Next Summer Getaway

If you’re looking for a less expensive, but still beautiful destination, Croatia might be your best options. Home to many dance fests and cultural hubs, it’s the life of the party and the pound definitely stretches further. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful gothic architecture.



One of the Friendliest Places in the World

2017 is a great time to visit a country like Denmark. The people are welcoming, the culture is amazing, and there are a ton of events to make your vacation memorable.



An Amazing Tourist Destination

There are plenty of reasons to visit Kerala, but do consider taking a houseboat ride in the backwaters of Alleppey – it’s a tour you’ll never forget, stopping by the spice plantations and tea gardens of Munnar. Did we mention that the food is delicious?



Sandy Beaches and Beautiful Trails

Sardinia is not only home to some beautiful hiking trails, it also hosts Nuraghi, the beehive-shaped Bronze Age ruins.


South Africa

Back to Nature

Africa is widely known for its deserts, it’s beaches, and most importantly, its jungles. Kruger National Park is a top-notch tourist attraction and one that you should consider visiting.


The United States of America

No Place Like Home

The United States is still a great tourist destination, and with the National Parks needing our support, there is no better time to go and see what amazing nature is right within our own home country.



An Underrated Destination

Vietnam often gets a bad rap, but lately, tourists have been pouring in to see the amazing mountains and the ancient architecture. Check it out!


Like we said, you aren’t going to see all of these in one trip, but over the course of several years, these are definitely destinations for you to watch.




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