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How to Stay Upbeat During the Winter Blues

Winter time is tough. We’re not saying it isn’t beautiful, it really is, but it’s tough. Going out can be a real chore, and you just can’t do the things outside that you could in the summer time. One of my favorite memes during the Ohio winter said: “The air hurts my face, why am I living where the air hurts my face?” As humorous as that might be, it becomes a rather stark reality when you find yourself trapped within your home by the weather.

It can be too dangerous to travel the roads, too inconvenient to head over to a friend’s house, and honestly, during the wintertime, you’re probably too tired to even think about these things. We can’t say for sure how long winter lasts, because it seems to be changing all the time, but there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t catch the wintertime blues, as it were.

Stock up on Reading Material

Seriously, one of the best things you can do is keep yourself occupied, and one of the first items on the list should be books. Why books? Because they’re something you can do by yourself, and you can keep reading even if the power goes out. The power is going to out at least once during the winter, you know it, we know it, everyone knows it. You can stock up on books either in the old paper format, or you can buy books for your e-reader. We get the feeling you’re going to cross a few off of your reading list this winter.

Get Some Movies

Books are great, but watching movies with your family is even better. Pick out some old favorites or stock up on new titles that you’ve been wanting to see. If you want more bang for your buck, make sure you’re subscribed to a streaming service that will give you even more access to the movies you love. When you’re snowed in, there is no such thing as too many movies.

Upgrade your Wardrobe

You might already have some winter clothes, but you know what? It never hurts to have more. Buy a new coat, get some sassy boots, and definitely go for a new scarf. You’ve waited all year for this, you deserve to splurge a bit on yourself.

Get Ready to Exercise

Finally, one of the most important things we’re going to tell you, is to make sure that you continue your exercise routine. It might be too cold to go for your morning jog, but you can get a treadmill for your sun room or even your living room, and that will suffice for the moment. Don’t forget to make sure you have exercise mats, weights, and other implements to keep you going during the cold season.

These four tips will keep you from feeling too alone, even when you’re trapped in the house. Remember, the winter time blues can be brutal, but it’s only temporary.


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