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These Statement Sleeves Are Calling For You

Some people don’t think too much of sleeves, even when they’re wearing them, but as a woman you know that sleeves are so very important to an outfit. There are many different types and you know what? They are coming back into style, with a vengeance.

Statement sleeves are about more than functionality, they’re about fashion, they’re about personality, they’re about making a statement. They’re about being unapologetically you and letting others know that you are there.


Say Goodbye to the Bell Bottom and Hello to the Statement Sleeve

We’re going to just level with you here: statement sleeves aren’t a new thing. Actually they’ve been around almost since the beginning of fashion.


It’s About Drawing Attention

As women, cis or otherwise, we dress for ourselves, but sometimes we want our outfit to draw attention from others. You know the concept of wearing layers, right? It’s the same thing but taken to the next level, and it definitely gets better results when combined with the other. One of my favorite, though admittedly socially out of place sleeves is the bell. I absolutely fell in love with this the first time I saw it. But bell sleeves aren’t the only statement that you can make.


statements sleeves koko bell sleeve beautiful woman in bright colorful wardrobe dress


Trumpet sleeves
are another great example of amazing statement sleeves that you can wear and they are such a rarity in fashion, they do a great job of calling attention to you.


statement sleeves trumpet sleeve short button-up

statement sleeves trumpet sleeve romantic gothic

The Dolman sleeve, also known as the Kimono sleeve, is a beautiful tailored look, with flow and elegance.


statement sleeves dolman style woman fashion


Batwing sleeves have been in style for quite some time and we suspect, will always be on some level. This one is more than just a sleeve, it extends to the waist of your shirt and creates a sort of .≤winged’ effect. It’s definitely not the style for everyone, but those who can pull it off? They look absolutely amazing.


statement sleeves batwing


When you’re choosing statement sleeves, make sure you’re picking something with motion, something that flows and accents your best features. The choices really are endless, and they’re a great way for you to represent yourself.


Statement sleeves bring new life to what could have otherwise been a boring top or blouse; they’re the icing on the cake, so to speak, and sometimes, they’re going to be just enough to set you apart from the rest of the crowd, which may be something that you desperately need in certain situations. You may have to experiment a bit to find the sleeves that fit you best, but they’re out there, waiting to transform you entirely.


statement sleeves batwing sweater





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