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Soy Chorizo and scramble eggs with zucchini

by Gloria Hwang,

This scramble eggs and chorizo taste so good you think you are eating real chorizo! I found soy chorizo at Trader Joe’s. This recipe is for 2 servings.   Add more of everything if more than 4 servings.


2 tablespoons Olive oil

Trader Joe’s soy chorizo

1 small diced zucchini

8 cherry tomatoes cut in halves

2 cloves of mince garlic

1/4 white onion

4 eggs scramble ( 2 serving)

chopped cilantro according to taste

sea salt to taste

fresh ground pepper to taste


1 dice  jalapeno

grated cheese


In a heated pan at medium heat, add olive oil, zucchini,tomatoes  onion, garlic,  cook for about 3 minutes add the soy chorizo(according to taste). Add jalapeno and cheese if desire.

Stir in the scramble eggs mix well until cooked. add salt and pepper  to taste, top with cilantro.

Add a few wedges of sliced avocado if desired. Taste  delicious with corn tortillas.


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