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It’s important that our soul feels at home where we are. To do our greatest life work, we must have hope, purpose, and peace in our soul. Have you ever arrived someplace and your whole self becomes immediately relaxed and content…with an overwhelming peacefulness? I believe that’s our soul saying “I’m home…I can be who I am here…this feels good”.


Sometimes in life we get stuck someplace we’re not comfortable, our souls are not at peace, and there’s always a stirring and feeling of unease. In these moments we know it’s time for a change, but it can be super scary to make a move, to leave a job, to start over and to make new friends. Change is hard, and making a move is ranked as one of the highest stressors in life.


I think the bottom line is this: to reach the next level in our life…to grow and stretch ourselves…to be the best we can be,
and to do our greatest life work, we have to risk it all and move on…find our soul’s home, and live the life God intended for us.


This is where hope comes in, and this is where our purpose begins to fulfill itself.


How do you see the world? Do you see it as friendly or unfriendly? The way we look at the world is a direct reflection on how we live our life. The lens for which we choose to see the world makes it a self fulfilling prophecy. We must have hope. Hope is the form of planning. If we want to see change, we need to be conscious of the possibility of change before we pursue it…this is hope in action. If we don’t have hope, we are defeated before we begin. Hope is the beginning of all change.


I believe change begins by recognizing that we were created along with every single thing in this universe for a definite purpose. If we continue moving forward in that purpose toward our destiny, nothing can stop us. Our connection to God is stronger and more powerful then any other force that dares to come against us.


Accepting change, and surrendering to change will allow the space and opportunity for new things and fresh beginnings. Letting go and detaching is a very difficult thing to do in this life, but it’s an important action we need to take in order to keep hope alive, find our purpose, and start the process of finding our soul’s home.


Change is definitely difficult,
but it’s the only way to honor our calling and reach our full potential as human beings. All change begins with hope. I believe God has a master plan…I believe we all have a definite purpose and I believe to find ourselves we must find our home.the place our soul is free to express our truest, authentic self.



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