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We all have different spiritual beliefs and that’s what makes our stories so unique. I believe we can gain tremendous insight by learning from everyone.


Recently I was having an internal struggle with a question I kept asking myself. The question I kept asking myself  was: Am I going to talk openly about the deep source to my spiritual beliefs when I tell my story…when I talk about the miracle that took place in my life? I think I was afraid I might offend someone or turn someone off, but I knew that I was not honoring my true source if I didn’t talk about it.


Early one morning last August, I was looking on the Internet and came across this video of Kathy Lee Gifford giving a tribute to her late husband Frank Gifford on the Today Show…I pressed play and was completely stunned at what I was watching…she told a very personal story about a trip to the Holy Land that they had taken a few years back and how they went down into the valley where David killed Goliath and how it profoundly changed Frank. She retold the biblical story about how the miracle wasn’t that David killed Goliath, it was that God chose David because he had prepared himself and he was skilled and ready for the challenge. She talked about how they brought back some stones from the valley…stones like David used to kill the giant. They gave the stones to their kids and asked them to think about what they were going to use them for in this world to do good…how were they going to throw them to make a difference in this world. She ended by saying that Frank would want you to walk outside and if you see a stone on the ground…pick it up and ask yourself what your stone would be for in this world? How would you use it to change the world and make it a better place?


Remember, the miracle wasn’t that David killed the giant, the miracle was that God chose him because he was skilled and ready. David used a simple stone to defeat a giant. He was skilled throwing stones and through God he was able to use that skill to save his people.


I was so moved and touched by this powerful story. I spent the rest of the day thinking how powerful it would be to have a stone with that much meaning, and if I did, what would I use it for? How would I use it to help make the world a better place?


I went home later in the day to get ready for an appointment. I took a shower and was getting dressed. I decided to wear a new pair of shorts I had  purchased the previous week. I put on the shorts and was straightening out the pockets. When I stuck my right hand in my pocket, I felt a stone, it was like a shockwave went through my whole body, it was immediate and intense. I began to weep, I was crying because I knew and felt it in a powerful and profound moment that God had given me a stone, my very own stone. Just a few hours prior to this I was moved to tears by a story that touched my heart and now I was standing in my bedroom holding a stone in my hand that miraculously appeared in the pocket of a new pair of shorts. If that wasn’t enough, I looked at the receipt that was still in the bag and the date on the receipt, the day I bought the shorts was the day Frank Gifford passed away.


I’m a strong believer in signs and miracles…small and large.


“I believe signs and moments come in different shapes, colors and forms, but I believe they all come at the moments we can truly hear.”


I had been asking myself a question. Was it important to share my deep spiritual beliefs? Was it important to reveal my source of strength? Was it important to let people know my connections to God? The answer came to me that day in the form of a stone…a miraculous stone. The answer was YES.


“My connection to God is not through religion, my connection to God is through Christ.”


I love learning about people’s beliefs, where they draw there strength. I was so worried about sharing my source, because I didn’t want to offend or make people uncomfortable. What I learned was how much value there is in my connection to God. My greatest spiritual teacher was and is Christ. There is power in my connection. It’s because of Christ in my life that I’m here right now, it’s because of Christ that I’m connected to God and this magnificent universe. It’s because of Christ that I’m filled with love and compassion. It’s not religion, it’s Christ. It’s the man and his teachings of acceptance and love. It’s everything Christ is, it’s everything Christ has taught me that makes my connection to God so strong.


The stone I found in my pocket that morning is a constant reminder of how valuable each of our personal stories of faith are, and how powerful everyone’s connection to God is. We can learn so much from each other’s stories.


What am I going to throw my stone for? I’m throwing my stone to spread a message of peace and love, I’m throwing my stone for the one that connects me to God, I’m throwing my stone for Christ.


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Michael-Blu is an Entrepreneur, the CEO of Blu Seth Farms® and Super SmartBurst™ The Lifestyle. He's an Inspirationalist, a Singer, Speaker, Lifestyle Expert/Coach, Chef, Skincare Guru and the Author of SHIFTING POINTS: Finding Truth In The Strange and Extraordinary Moments of Life. Michael-Blu also co-authored with Seth Lewis the inspirational dog photo book WOOFS OF WISDOM which was photographed by famed dog photographer Jesse Freidin and the children's book HELLO HOLLYWOOD. His focus is on health & wellness, and his passion is inspiring others to find their true authenticity while traveling life's path.

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