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Let it go! Surrender! Greater is tomorrow. Forward in grace and gratitude with an open heart to receive. You can’t move forward while looking backward. Drop it, leave it, let it go! Trust in faith that the path to your destiny is being cleared right in front of you, and doors are being opened that can not be closed.


We should continually move forward in the direction God is calling us. Be excited and full of hope. Restoration is the gift…receive it! We may not understand, We may not know the ending to our story, We may not have all the answers, but one thing we should know for sure…God has our back! Trust…believe.and let go of the old so you can receive the new. Something better is coming.


We should not put limits on what God can do in our lives. If we could see what God had in store for us, it would blow our minds. An idea that God puts in your head today could change the rest of your life. Be


We should always know from the deepest place in our souls that God is guiding and directing our every move…keep listening and know that although the road does not seem straight, as long as we keep moving forward in the direction we’re being called…we will be exactly where we’re meant to be at every moment on our journey.


Believe…have faith, and be filled with a force of love and light that’s greater then anything you could ever have dreamed possible for yourself. Be open to receive all the positive energy and prayers coming your way. Let us be grateful for the peace, love and light that keeps us connected to the wonders of humanity.


I want to share with my readers that it takes work…constant self work. I’m constantly digging for that space inside myself where I’m limitless…striving to reach my full potential as a human being…to be more than I could imagine possible…to give of myself In ways that surprise me, and to receive with a grateful heart all the grace God allows me to walk in.


Every so often we should let ourselves catch a glimpse of the person we’re evolving into…the person God is calling us to be. Let us see a being with a more compassionate heart…a deeper soul,
and an expanded mind.


Let us be excited on our journey. Let us feel blessed beyond belief for all the wonderful people that have contributed to our growth, and let us send peace, love, and high vibrations with each and every step we take, as we walk the path toward our destinies.




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