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Whom Should You Share Intimate Details of Your Sex Life With?

Come on, does the entire world need to know everything about your sex life or just a select few?


ICYDK, actress Gabrielle Union made headlines recently when she tweeted about her boyfriend, Dwyane Wade’s penis. She said it was “stellar” after a troll took a shot at her. You see, Gabrielle graduated from UCLA and tweeted about her love of the university and basketball player, Lonzo Ball.  The troll said, “U want his d*ck too?” To which she responded, Umm, no…my current penis situation is stellar.”





This begs the question, how much information about your personal sex life should you share with others?


Perhaps this type of information is best reserved for your BFF or close, loyal friends rather than the entire world. If your BFF is confident, happy, not jealous or petty and super loyal, then this is the type of person you could share intimate stories with. You can share personal details about your man’s penis, your sex life and you can both learn and get advice from each other.  The bonus is that by being able to share with a trusted confidante, you can learn and get different perspectives on intimacy.


Perhaps sharing personal details of your sex life is not for social media, but this is entirely up to you. But know that by posting this type of content, you might later regret it or you may be the victim of internet trolls who are looking to humiliate or embarrass you. Your BFFs, however, are trusted confidantes who only want the best for you at all times.  If they are loyal, they will keep in confidence what you request and are there to give their opinion on all things personal.  And you, in like, will do the same things for them.  Aren’t BFFs great?!?!




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