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Sexy Supermodels of the 90s

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Who were the supermodels that defined this decade?

We all remember them. In fact, their iconic looks are so etched in our memories that we refer to them only by their first names. Kate, Naomi, Cindy. The supermodels of the 90s defined not only fashion, but the era.

We loved to see what they wore and what exotic places they traveled to for their photo shoots around the world! And we listened to every bit of gossip about their personal lives too!

So, let’s pay homage to the supermodels that helped to make the 90s a decade of fashion, fun and fabulous-ness!

Cindy Crawford

Most of the world knows the name Cindy Crawford today. And as one of the most successful models ever, she is mom to budding supermodel-in-the-making, daughter Kaia Gerber!  She’s also become a successful businesswoman with her line of skincare, Meaningful Beauty!

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