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Sexy 90’s Summer Fashion

The 90’s might be long gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the fashion back. I’m going to be perfectly honest, I was a HUGE fan of 90’s fashion, and sometimes I feel like I’m literally the only one who misses those rib dresses. Okay, before I go any further, why am I the only one who misses the ribbed material? Yeah yeah, I know we have it now, but back then it was multicolored and beautiful!


Do you remember those turtlenecks? The fabric was so lightweight and…okay maybe I’m rambling a bit here. Don’t get me started about how I miss spaghetti strap dresses over t-shirts. All of that aside, we’re talking about sexy 90’s summer fashion today – something that desperately needs to make a comeback. Not only does it look great, it goes pretty far in reminding us what the good old days were like before the country started becoming all gloom and doom. Maybe, just maybe we can capture that feeling during the summer.


Go with Shorter Skirts!

Have you looked around at the skirts lately? They’ve really gotten a lot longer. Some people will blame global warming, some will blame a new modesty trend. Let me be perfectly clear here: you’re a woman and you can wear WHATEVER you want. Seriously. If you want to wear a shorter skirt then please, go for it. Do you remember those short jean skirts from the 90’s? If you miss jean skirts, I’m right there with you, so do us all a favor, pull a pair on and strut your stuff. You have a body, it’s time to show it off – in denim.


Sleeveless Tops

Women need to start wearing sleeveless tops again. Those statement sleeves are absolutely adorable (and give you a commanding, sexy presence) but we need to take tank tops back from men. We need to do it more so than ever before, so start buying tank tops. Even better, start tearing the sleeves off of your tops. Wait wait! Okay no, don’t do that, but Do you remember this one trend back in the 90’s where you would take a t-shirt and tie the sleeves off to the collar? It was a quick way to make a tank top, and it looked pretty amazing.


Try Crop Tops

Don’t tell me you don’t remember crop tops. They come in so many different colors and styles, and the best part is you can pair them with the jean skirts we mentioned above. For bonus points, use tie dye.


Cut Off Jeans

This is a very easy and inexpensive fashion choice from the 90’s. If you want to really, truly be in the style of the time, make them yourself instead of buying them. Sure, Abercrombie and Fitch probably have some cut offs somewhere that you can but for like $300, but if you can make them yourself, you’re going to rekindle some old memories. Do you remember taking your old ripped up jeans and cutting them off way above the knee? Yeah, you can do it again.


Wear a Cardigan

Who doesn’t like a cardigan? These never did go out of style, so start wearing one on those breezy summer nights – they’re perfect for nighttime walks on the beach.


Pattern Party Galore!

2016-2017 have been okay for fashion, but they’ve also brought in a lot of boring, monotone colors in fashion. If you really want to bring the 90’s back, think about adding some floral prints. There’s nothing cuter than a floral dress, and if the design is intricate enough, it can even replace the typical layering solution that we use (you know the one).


Go the Extra Mile

Finally, there are a ton of other styles you can adopt from the 90’s like tassels, lace pom-poms, and other detailing that are seriously ‘in’ right now. You have a ton of fun choices to make, so get started!


The 90’s will never be back, but you can at least recapture the feeling. Start using these style tips this summer, and hopefully, you’ll bring back that ribbed dress fashion somehow. Please. For me.







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