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All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer

Rose gold is one of the most popular shades of this summer. It looks super cool and it is a color that can be worn in many ways. If you are already tired from all the conventional summer colors and want to try something new and exciting, this is your chance to do it. You can find it in jewelry, hairstyles, makeup, and recently, in clothes. It flatters every single skin tone, and it is ultimately elegant and chic. To turn your outfit from just an outfit to an eye-catching look, all you need is a little bit of metallic.

Rose Gold and Sequins

If you are aiming for a look that everyone will notice, this should be your winning combination. There are many beautiful rose gold summer dresses and rompers that you can choose from. If you are looking for something to wear for that upcoming wedding, don’t hesitate to try this awesome trend. With this amazing jumpsuit, you will leave a huge fashion statement, and be the center of attention at every occasion.

All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer sequined romper

Photo Courtesy: Esther

Rose Gold Sneakers

Although it’s summertime, sneakers never go out of style. Many popular sportswear brands are already selling rose gold sneakers, which is another proof of how popular this metallic shade is. You can wear them with anything—super cute dresses, denim shorts, and even match them with blazers and pants. The choices are limitless. You will be surprised by how many men find sneakers sexy. Another version of everyday wear is the slip on sneakers. This is the shoe type between super casual, sporty, and elegant high heels. You can find them in this metallic shade and rock your outfit.

All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer nike sneakers

Photo Courtesy: Urban Outfiters

Rose Gold Sandals

You always need a good pair of high-heeled sandals. This metallic shade will bring so much light into your outfit and it is so easy to mix and match with different colors. All of the metallic shades are very popular at the moment, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find the perfect pair. Block heel sandals are making a big comeback, and most brands offer them in the rose gold metallic shade. Such a fun way to brighten your appearance.

All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer high heeled sandals

Photo Courtesy: Office Shoes

Sexy Bridesmaids in Rose Gold

If you’re getting married this summer, get your bridesmaids in matching dresses in rose gold. This hue will accent everyone’s nice summer tan even more, and the result looks like a real-life princess.

All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer bridesmaids

Photo By: @weddingofdreams/Instagram

Rose Gold Hair

This trend is officially taking over the Internet. Celebrities such as Julianne Hough, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner already flaunted their rose gold hued hairstyles, and they look surreal. If you are looking for a way to refresh your appearance, this shade should be your choice. You can dye all of your hair in the same rose gold shade, play with several different tones, or just do parts of the hair.


All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer rose gold hair

Photo By: @kimwasabi/Instagram

The Perfect Rose Gold Bag

You are never fully dressed without a good bag. Every woman needs her stand out bag that will complete the look. It doesn’t matter if it is a messenger bag, a cute clutch or a larger handbag. The rose gold color can be paired with all of the bright summer colors, and it also looks good with pastel hues.

All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer bag

Photo Courtesy: Aspinal of London

Rose Gold Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts, especially in metallic colors, are one of the biggest fashion trends of the summer. These midi skirts look astonishing in our favorite summer color. It can be worn in a million different ways and you will feel comfortable and sexy. They are ideal for work, evening occasions or even crazy nights out.

All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer pleated skirt

Photo Courtesy: silkfred

Rose Gold Jewelry

Every single outfit can be better if you add jewelry. Earrings, super cool necklaces, and bracelets are just a part of the accessories that you can add. Minimalistic jewelry is a big trend at the moment and is available in rose gold. Elegant watches are also a must when it comes to looking trendy. The last thing that can really complete your look are rose gold sunnies. The most popular trendsetters and bloggers are wearing them, so that must mean something.

All The Sexiest Ways to Wear Rose Gold this Summer jewelry

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