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Setting the Bar! UC Berkeley Offers Plant-Based Meat Class  

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about creating alternative meats and more! 

With vegan and vegetarian diets on the rise, many are wondering about alternatives to traditional meats.  Rather than meat gleaned from animals, many are turning to plant-based meats that will fool even the most educated palate and discerning eye. And so it is UC Berkeley to the rescue … and very likely to lead an entire movement in our education.


Now, the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) in conjunction with The Good Food Institute (GFI) has created a Challenge Lab based on plant-based meats!


Within this course, students will have the opportunity to offer their meat alternative solutions in hopes of winning a $5 thousand dollar prize.  Helping the students is Impossible Foods advisor Michael Eisen and chef Dave Anderson.  Students will spend up to eight hours a week developing their projects. After, these projects will be presented to a panel of experts who will pick a winner.


If Impossible Foods sounds familiar to you, it might be because they are responsible for creating the Impossible Burger, otherwise known as the “burger that bleeds”.  This burger gained notoriety because many believe it is unlike any other burger currently on the market.  First off, it doesn’t look like or taste similar to any other veggie burger. Rather, it is known to have a fleshy texture, sear in a pan and taste like a traditional meat hamburger. Investors include Bill Gates who helped to raise over $108 million dollars to create this revolutionary plant-based alternative to a meat burger.


You can see HERE that UC Berkeley already has great options for vegetarians and vegans on their campus. And now, with endless possibilities of plant-based meat options in the works, it is exciting to see what these bright, innovative students will create this year at UC Berkeley!


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