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Set Visit: Young and Hungry

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Young and Hungry has become one of the most fashion-forward shows on television in the last few years. Fans of this show would concur as we’re always admiring each and every fashion choice made on the show. Gabi’s floral dresses? Gorgeous. Elliot’s bow ties? Snazzy. Josh’s fitted sweaters? Sensuous.

We talked to the wardrobe stylist behind
Young and Hungry, Julie Block,
so we could learn more about how the wardrobe is developed for the show.
If you haven’t heard her name before, she also styled for shows such as
How I Met Your Mother,
See Dad Run,
Malcolm & Eddie,
and even as a costume assistant on
In Living Color.
Block also showed us around their drool-worthy wardrobe collection
for each of the main characters. We took note of the brands for you if you want to go out and buy them yourselves!

Make sure to tune in every Wednesday at 8pm on Freeform to watch
Young and Hungry!

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Q&A with Julie Block

How would you describe Gabi’s character and wardrobe?

Gabi is a working class girl who’s a chef for a wealthy tech guy from Silicon Valley. She has a great sense of style. She mixes florals with lace with great little skirts. Anything she puts on, she’s adorable. She loves color. We make these great aprons that complement her outfits. She’ll wear a piece from Scoop or Intermix with an H&M skirt and she looks brilliant.

I love to put Emily in floral dresses, like a modern Donna Reed. I try to give her a little bit of quirkiness but in a fun way.


Do you take the show’s location of San Francisco into consideration?

I think that we do consider location but I find TV to be a fantasy. You want them to look great and you want your audience to go Oh my God, I want to wear that. You want to make it tangible for them to wear it so that’s why you mix your vendors. I don’t love to do a lot of coats, so thank God it’s a west coast show.

I think [the wardrobe] has a west coast San Francisco vibe. There’s an edginess yet a conservativeness depending on the character. It’s a little bit of a heightened reality because a chef wouldn’t necessarily wear what Gabi wears but she pulls it off ’cause she’s so adorable. The wardrobe is so darling and sexy; it helps connote the chemistry between her and Josh.


Have Gabi and Josh’s wardrobe evolved as their relationship evolved?

The way we do a show, I like all of the wardrobe to complement each other in a palette. If she’s wearing black and yellow, then Josh might have a piece of yellow [in his look]. I like the palette to be unnoticeable but to complement each other. It definitely flows. It always has an aesthetic.


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