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Set Visit: Bella and the Bulldogs

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In the last few years, we’ve really started to see a change in the characters on television. Instead of just the quirky neighbor or the crazy best friend, we are starting to see women in powerful jobs, women making a difference in their community, and even young girls taking a stand against the status quo, like the character Bella Dawson on Nickelodeon’s
Bella and the Bulldogs. The lead character Bella, played by Brec Bassinger, is a spunky, intelligent, athletic girl who decides to leave her cheerleading squad to become the quarterback of her school football team. On the field, she’s one of the best. Off the field, she’s not just “one of the guys” but is actually one of the most stylish girls on campus.
She’s a strong girl and a wonderful role model for her viewers.

The same goes for the beautiful girl who plays Bella. Brec was every bit as sweet as she appears to be on television and on the red carpet. She was also bright, direct, and bubbly which is all probably thanks to her adorable mother who was also on set with us. Unlike a lot of stage moms, she stayed out of Brec’s way but was there to support her.
She was just as open and kind as her daughter.

Over the last two seasons, we’ve seen Bella’s wardrobe evolve from the epitome of the feminine beauty who just happened to play football to a more attainable relatable athletic chic. On this set visit, we talked to Brec as well as the costume designer for
Bella and the Bulldogs,
Dahlia Foroutan, who also happens to have been the designer for a little show called
Hannah Montana.
Find out how Brec originally prepared for her role of Bella and how her style differs from Bella’s. Also, Dahlia talked to us about how she created the concept for Bella’s wardrobe for season one and how it evolved in season two.


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Bella’s football jersey


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