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Sephora Will Offer FREE Beauty Classes to Cancer Patients

Sephora will help cancer patients glamour up and look beautiful with free beauty classes!

Fighting cancer can be an overwhelming experience.  For some, chemotherapy can mean hair loss including eyelashes and eyebrows.  Also, you can loose weight and your skin can become pale and sallow.  So, Sephora has decided to do something for women and men wanting to look their best while being challenged by cancer.  Classes for Confidence is a series of classes Sephora is offering. And one class, Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer, is specifically designed for the special needs of cancer patients!

These classes will begin on Sunday, April 9th in selected stores across the country.  And to make the classes extra special, they were created in part by Sephora employees who are also living with cancer! Corrie Conrad, senior director of social impact and sustainability for Sephora said, “The goal is to create a safe place for participants to learn and play with beauty, ask questions, and connect with others going through a similar situation.”

What will participants learn in the 90-minute class? Quick and easy tips on skin care, how to create eyebrows, how to better define your eyes and how to create skin radiance.  A participant, Amy, said, “By having some confidence with things I can do with makeup, it’ll help me get out and be with people I need to be with.”

Sephora employees who are dealing with cancer or have won their cancer journeys are opting to wear a lapel pin with the heart logo as a show of solidarity.




Sephora Stands is not only a program of classes for women with cancer through. They have classes for all women going through a time of transition, whether re-entering the workforce, fighting cancer, or just a “time of transition”.  If you are interested in seeing their video and hearing more, or even in attending a class you can find that HERE.

And get ready to be beautiful because you deserve it!



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