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Sedona Arizona: The Energy Vortex

Sedona is home to many energy vortexes, each one providing a different service to the curious or weary traveler. The energy vortexes found in the four main areas saturate the entirety of the Sedona area, and if you were to visit one of these areas, you would be exposed to what could only be surprised as an uplifting and potentially life changing experience. What are these vortexes? What is it that they can do for you?

What are the Vortexes?

Sedona is a beautiful place – no one here is going to deny that, and certainly not me. What many people miss out on, however, is the spiritual power that it delivers to those who pass through. Sedona, without a doubt, is home to some of the most amazing energy on the planet, and people from all over the world make their way to the area just to experience it.

A vortex is, as the name implies, a funnel shape that is created by a fluid motion, and in this case, one of spiraling energy. There are many different types of vortexes, some of the most familiar being whirlwinds, tornadoes, and even pools of water in a drain. A vortex can be made of anything that flows, and those in Sedona are made of subtle energy that flows from the surface of the earth. If you choose to visit this place, know that there are four different vortexes for you to ‘see’, each one catering to a specific purpose or type of energy.



The Airport Vortex

Get there: Take junction of Highways 179 and 89A, go 1.1 miles west on the 89A, turn left on Airport Road. Find the parking lot on the left.5 miles up the road. Walk the trail to the saddle between the hills, and make sure you walk up the small hill on the left; it’s a beautiful vantage point of a nearly full view of Sedona.
Purpose: To strengthen your masculine energy.



The Red Rock Crossing Vortex

Get there: All you need to do is drive 4.3 miles west on the 89A, taking the junction of Highways 89A and 179. Simply turn left on Upper Red Rock Loop Road, and then drive 1.8 miles to a left turn on Chavez Ranch Road. About .8 miles up the road you’ll run into Crescent Moon Park, and along the creek, going toward Cathedral Rock, the energy will increase.
Purpose: To strengthen your feminine energy.


The Boynton Canyon Vortex

Get there: Once again you’re going to start from the junction of Highway 179 and 89A, and after driving 3.2 miles west, you’ll turn onto Dry Creek Road. Signs will guide you to Boynton Canyon, and you’ll want to park in the small parking area just before Enchantment Resort (if you come to Enchantment resort you’ve gone a bit too far). The energy you’re looking for is on the Vista Trail, and it will be marked by a set of twisted Juniper trees flanking both sides.
Purpose: To strengthen the yin/yang balance.


The Bell Rock Vortex

Get There: You’re looking for the Village of Oak Creek, which is 5 miles south of the 89A/179 Junction. Bell Rock is easy to find and you won’t even have to do any climbing.
Purpose: To Strength all three: feminine, masculine, and balance.


Photo credit Gwendalyn Augustine







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