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The Secrets of a Hollywood Tan

Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite stars look perfect as they walk down the red carpet?  Celebrity Airbrush Tanning Specialist, Monica Blanco, knows! In fact, she’s responsible for making them look their best by applying custom airbrushed tans! When it comes to beauty in a bottle, Monica is the expert! She told VIVA GLAM what it takes to be the “best of the best” when it comes to getting that glamorous, flawless tan!



Monica Blanco


Monica, you are known as an airbrush tanning specialist.  Tell us about your trademark process and why is your tan in such high demand? 

I have created a method that is quick, yet sprays all angles of the body to perfect a thinner, more sculpted appearance. This application process is the most time convenient on the market, and allows for me or my tan-prenuers to assist multiple clients back to back. With everyone being on the go, it is more convenient for a quick process.


You are also known for being a strong businesswoman and entrepreneur.  But you were also, at one time, a young, single mother supporting a daughter on your own.  Do you have any words of advice to our readers about how you were able to accomplish your goals to become a successful businesswoman in the face of adversity? 

I would suggest that someone stay focused, and research the career they are pursuing, while also learning how to balance all other aspects of life at the same time.   Balance, focus, and determination will get you further than anything else. Learn how to focus and balance all aspects of your life to enjoy your work.


You have recently formulated some new self-tanning products.  In addition to flawless application and excellent color, you also have a shorter developing time. Tell us about your new products and what makes your formulations unique and superior? 

Colour Couture products were reformulated to market towards all customers that have certain values and opinions regarding vegan free, cruelty free, and products with no parabens. This was also done to achieve a more natural look with fast drying products.


What are the benefits of a custom airbrush tan versus other ways of tanning such as tanning beds? 

Custom airbrush tans are performed by trained professionals.  This ultimately gives more of an even tan than a tanning bed or versa tan. However, aside from the tan the most important benefit is health. Airbrush tanning is an alternative to being exposed to UV rays, which cause skin cancer.


What was the most difficult challenge you had to overcome in creating your business? 

The beginning stages were tough, because of the unknown. I was taking a chance at this business, and started from the ground up. One of the toughest things I came across was building a reliable, faithful clientele. The beginning uncertainty of whether or not your clients would return was by far the most unnerving part of starting the business. When you first start out you just never know how long it will last. Another issue I came across was, as my business was out of my home, I found myself spending all of my time in my office and not balancing life.


If you had to describe Colour Couture in one sentence, what would it be? 

A timeless foundation to keep the body youthful and glowing.


In addition to your business, do you devote time to any charities and why are they close to your heart?

 As I was once a young single, teen mother I am able to relate to other women experiencing the same situation. This inspired me to assist with the Single Mothers Outreach program in Valencia. Each year I sponsor a family. I do this during Christmas by helping to pay a bill and provide some gifts to bring a bit of holiday joy.


Tell us about your team members? If someone is interested in representing Colour Couture, how do they do this? What is the process by which someone can earn extra income by joining your team? 

They’re highly trained professionals who have a special interest in self-tanning and are using their artistic talents to help apply the Colour Couture tanning method to our clientele. To inquire about taking spray tanning lessons someone would contact my company and from there we would begin the process of setting up classes. Becoming a certified airbrush technician is a great way for someone to make extra income.


Is there a person or experience in your life that most influenced you to create your own business?

As stated before, being a young teen mother is what influenced me to start my company, as well as my interest in beauty and skin care. I had the determination to become successful, and provide a better life for my family. Every day I felt the determination to be a more hands on mom with a closer relationship to my kids.


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