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Scarpetta Beverly Hills at Montage

Although I have had the privilege of enjoying Scarpetta’s menu, I was never seated in the actual restaurant. I enjoyed my dishes at Ten Pound’s, a private and intimate area on the second floor of the Montage, which by the way, is an amazing way to share a dinner with friends.  

Scarpetta’s breadbasket was hands-down the best breadbasket I have had thus far! It includes an assorted variety of breads. One that’s name has skipped my mind, but its taste is highly unforgettable, containing meat and cheese, it’s difficult to miss.  It’s also difficult to share!

We ordered short rib agnolotti (to die for!), caviar, spaghetti, tagliatelle topped with white truffles (specially made since I am a truffle pig, I was told it is normally not on the menu). The grilled octopus was probably the best I will ever have.
What I enjoyed most on the menu was the appetizer of perfectly crisp house-smoked bacon served with cheese and pecans.

For dessert we ordered one of everything on the menu, the vanilla caramel budino was my favorite (salted cookies served with a type of camel/toffee-topped custard).
Life would be even more amazing if I had the luxury of eating here everyday, or at least a little more often.

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