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Savannah Outen: On Growing Up, Writer’s Block, and Her New Single ‘Coins’

Nine years ago, a young, blonde 14 year-old with a powerful voice gained popularity for her first single, “Goodbyes”. It did very well on Radio Disney and she started accumulating her online presence. Now in 2017, she has said “goodbye” to her blonde teenage self, and is now a 25 year-old brunette with an even stronger voice. Meet Savannah Outen.

With over 600K followers on YouTube, Outen has established a strong presence in the digital music world. She’s known mainly for her covers, as most popular YouTubers are, but she’s recently started releasing new music again, in the form of her single “Coins”.

We talked to Outen about her journey as an artist, her inspiration for “Coins”, and how writing in third person helped her find her voice. Once you hear her sing for the first time, it’s going to be hard not to subscribe to her channel.

Photo credit: Sara Kiesling

Q&A with Savannah Outen

Your success started as a teen on YouTube and Radio Disney with your song “Goodbyes”. It’s now almost 10 years later, you took the time to grow and have a solid web presence. How has your sound and message evolved?

I’m almost 25, so a lot has changed in my life since I released my first video on YouTube at the age of 14. But at the same time, I’m still writing about what I’m going through. The first song I ever wrote, “Goodbyes”, was about my best friend moving to a different town. My newest single, “Coins”, is about the industry and what I’ve been through. So my approach is still the same — to be honest. The sound has totally evolved into a more mature, rhythmic feel. Over the years I’ve realized how much I love to sing melodies that really push me vocally.

Your new presence includes switching from blonde to brown. How much of that change was a conscious move? Has it changed the way you’re perceived or your confidence in any way?

I was going through a lot at the time, and had just left my manager. It was the first major decision I was able to make on my own as a teenager. I know changing your hair is a cliche way to start new beginnings, but it honestly felt amazing. Being a brunette just fits me so much better.

For those who aren’t followers of yours yet, how would you describe your sound?

My sound is Rhythmic Pop. I love live drums and then including some sort of programmed bass or synths.

You just released a new single, “Coins”. What was the inspiration for this incredible track?

It’s all about embracing your flaws and owning who you are. I’ve had so many people tell me what I should wear, how I should sing, that I need to change, and this song is my response to them.

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