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Saudi Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed is Changing the World

“Climate change and the unjustified consumption of energy are two of the most serious issues we face today at the macro-level.”


Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed is the son of the famous billionaire investor and philanthropist Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud. His billionaire father has been referred to as the Bill Gates of Saudi Arabia, and is even known as Time magazine’s “Arabian Warren Buffett,” and as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2008. Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed lived a life of unimaginable wealth, glamour, and opulence. But despite having lived such a lavish, blessed life, this man clearly doesn’t follow the money – or oil as it is in this case – and has a brain and heart of his own. He is making the world a better place, starting with his own country.


His “awakening” happened on an exotic trophy hunting trip back in the nineties. It was the things that he witnessed and participated in on that barbaric and “cowardly” trip that have haunted, inspired, and driven him to be the man he is today.


This is not a passing trend or phase in life for him either, his conviction is deeply-rooted and soundly founded. Bin Alwaleed has been an outspoken vegan for the past five years; @VeganTruther and @PETA receive his attention and praise frequently, and he invests in bringing both plant-based restaurants and culinary classes to the Middle East. His diet is not the only thing that has been ignited in him; he is very focused on his country’s role in climate change.


“Sure, we’re hurting the environment, but at the end of the day, we’re only hurting ourselves. The environment will get hurt to a certain point and then it’s going to backlash on us. Then we’re going to be gone and the world is going to go back to being the beautiful, lush place that we were supposed inhabit.”


It was in December 2015 when Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed showed the world that he was no average man – or average prince for that matter. He spoke at a business forum in the capital of Saudi Arabia, addressing a room full of businessmen who make their money, living, and wealth off of oil consumption, and criticized climate change and energy waste.


Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed is one of several elites to being waking their country up to the the necessary changes that are needed for our futures and our planet. It is bold to say the least – to forego and change an entire way of life, and entire source of endless wealth, and face challenges, fear, and uncertainty that you would not need to face for your own ease of life. But these men do it, true to their conscience and gifted with the ability to make and inspire real change.


Khaled bin Alwaleed is more than just talk and advocacy. He walks the walk and put his money where his mind and mouth are.  He is unquestionably a man of action. Khaled bin Alwaleed invests in 100% plant-based restaurants and Renewable energies. He has even helped his own father see his way to veganism.


In addition to investing in vegetable restoration, Prince bin Alwaleed has sold all of his shares in the oil and gas industry and invested in sustainable development-oriented businesses, Building KBW Investments, installing innovative green technology in Jordan: solar powered light bulbs provide enough light for roads in the capital of Saudi Arabia.


Ther is no denying that Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed is coming forth to create massive change for the world. Animal welfare, a fight against hunger in the world, climate change and damage to our planet, and even the struggle for women’s rights all have this hero in their corner.


In an interview for the National Observer, Prince Bin Alwaleed explains that the meat industry is harmful not only because of its enormous carbon footprint, but also because nutritive plants that could have served to feed women and men in the countries where malnutrition still exists, are instead used to fatten the animals of the rich countries, which will end up murdered. This process “makes absolutely no sense,” he says.

In his personal life, he sold his huge collection of cars and now only owns and drives the electric Tesla Model X P90D and he no longer lives in a palace.



The Prince says that he prefers the expression “100% vegetal ” or “Plant-based ” to the term “vegan.”

 “When I say the word V, people are automatically on the defensive. But if you talk about “100% vegetable”, they are comfortable and it is then easy to converse with them.”


When asked about his favorite dish, the Prince mentions the American-born start-up company Beyond Meat and shows a photo of one of their veggie burgers, tasted during a visit to Los Angeles:

“I can help them sell their products abroad. The market here (in Saudi Arabia) is huge, so I will really help this company.”

“I was always confused,” he says. “Should I be me, or should I be who people expect me to be? I tried to be who people expect me to be… and I just had to say, ‘Screw this, I can’t do this anymore.’”


But he thanks his mother for who he is today.

” I will not be able to thank my mother enough for what she has done – in terms of the education she has given me, the values she has taught me , which really come from her. She is very open, generous with people, she goes to people, it is really from her that I hold my personality .”

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed Arabian Business


In Arabian Business October 2016 edition, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal, Chairman of KBW Investments, opines on entrepreneurship, the private sector, and the source of his motivation.

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