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Salvatore Costa of Smashing Satellites: The Story Behind ‘Hounds’ and his Love for Music

For music lovers of Imagine Dragons, the All American Rejects, and Blink-182, we highly recommend you give Smashing Satellites a listen. The founder and lead singer, Salvatore Costa, is a born artist which, without questions, comes through in everything he does from the music to the lyrics to the video concepts.
Make sure to check out their new EP, “Sonicaluzion” and look out for future tour dates.


Q&A with Salvatore Costa of Smashing Satellites

You grew up in a musical family. What was your first exposure to music?
Really, it was my sisters and my parents. My eldest sister was a classical pianist and my second eldest sister was a 90’s grunge chick. My mom was a poet who taught me the power of words and introduced me to artists like The BeeGees and Michael Jackson. I was constantly learning about music without evening knowing. Kind of like a fish… you know, they are born swimming and don’t even see it as knowledge or a skill… it’s just part of their atmosphere.

You grew up around many different genres of music including classical and 80s and 90s rock. What was it about music that intrigued you at such a young age and was it the same reason throughout your family?

In general, my family is very passionate in everything we do. We’ve always been a family driven by passion and music was something we all just connected to and shared with one another. I was a product of all their passions combined, I guess you could say.

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