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Who has Rimmel London Named Their New Spokesmodel?

If you’ve been paying attention to the trends lately, the new spokesmodel may not surprise you.

Recently, cosmetic giant CoverGirl broke barriers by being the first to hire a male spokesmodel/beauty blogger.  Now, Rimmel London has hired a 17-year-old social media star, Lewys Ball, as their new male spokesmodel!


This YouTube sensation is proving that makeup isn’t just for girls anymore!  In fact, Ball said in a campaign for Rimmel London, “Anybody can wear makeup, no matter who you are.” This campaign also stars supermodel Cara Delevingne.


Ball now joins the ranks of other male media sensations that have become male spokespersons for cosmetics companies such as James Charles for CoverGirl, Manny Gutierrez for Maybelline and Gabriel Zamora for MAC Cosmetics! FYI, many male beauty influencers have as many or even more followers than women beauty specialists!  In fact, their videos and tutorials are watched by just about everyone from everyday women to celebrities!


JSYK, earlier this month, 18-year-old Georgie Aldous launched a petition that asks for more makeup companies to include men in their advertising.  Aldous said, “As a man that wears makeup, when I enter a store to see just women plastered everywhere and no men in sight, it does hurt me…it makes you feel like you shouldn’t be wearing it because you don’t see men wearing it on the stands and adverts. It makes you feel alienated and not accepted by the brands that are featuring women only.”


Reaction to men being in cosmetic’s ads has been mixed. But no one can deny the attention they have recently garnered from the media. Why is men wearing makeup such a big thing anyways? After all, if women can do it, why can’t men? What do you think? Should men wear makeup and also appear in advertisements for cosmetic companies? Or is makeup really just a girl thing?


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