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Review ‘An Act of God’: A Heavenly Experience

Dozens of writers in Hollywood have toyed with the idea that God comes down to earth and temporarily borrows the body of a human to deliver a message. Most of these interpretations are action/comedic films or Christian made-for-TV movies. But David Javerbaum (former writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) delivered an incredible one-act play utilizing this concept to create a uniquely hysterical, irreverent, and topical masterpiece that everyone in LA should rush out to go see.

The concept of An Act of God is that God takes the form of actor Sean Hayes to deliver the people of Southern California a new list of 10 commandments. In the midst his commandments, His two angels go out into the audience to have them “ask” questions such as “If you really created the earth, then why is there so much evidence for evolution?”, as well as “Do you answer prayers?” and “Why did you let the Holocaust happen?”
As He answers more questions, He explains that He is indeed a jealous God with anger management issues and He is not that hands on because of that.

An Act of God tackles current topics with new commandments such as “Thou Shalt Not Kill in My Name”. This is Javerbaum’s commentary on religious groups killing specific groups of people in His name. The play is not afraid to be politically incorrect which is such a breath of fresh air compared to the “political correctness police” we encounter every day on social media. This play allows us to take 90 minutes to laugh at ourselves and think about our cultural standing with each other.


Sean Hayes (center), with James Gleason (L) and David Josefsberg (R) in

Photo Credit: Jim Cox


Sean Hayes is such a superb actor that he will have you laughing from the moment he steps on the stage. His comedic timing is impeccable. His diction and overall ability to handle some of the eloquent verbose lines in that script is truly impressive.

An Act of God will be showing at the Ahmanson Theatre until March 13th. If you’re looking to expand your way of thinking and laugh your ass off at the same time, go buy tickets immediately.


L-R: James Gleason, Sean Hayes and David Josefsberg in

Photo Credit: Jim Cox



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