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The Return of Velvet and How to Wear It

Velvet is a statement fabric for fall 2016, bringing baroque to the 21st century.

Velvet is a fabric that will easily turn heads. It’s also very easy to overdo velvet. To avoid the velvet tracksuit look, it’s best to only wear one big piece or two to three small pieces at a time.

For instance, if you wear a floor-length velvet dress, wear matte shoes with no texture. But if you’re wearing a standard LBD, feel free to accessories with your velvet choker, purse, and shoes to match.

A velvet dress says “all eyes on me” while a velvet purse or choker adds a subtle romantic touch to any outfit. No matter how you wear it, velvet can be both sexy and rock and roll.



Express: Cami Fit and Flare Dress






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