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Refine Your Pores and Face with Clayspray

With winter upon us it’s important to remember that a change of seasons calls for a change in skincare regimen. While summer air is humid and full of moisture, the cold, dry air in winter can leave skin feeling dehydrated, flaky and rough.

Therefore, if you’re looking to exfoliate over the next few months it’s crucial to choose beauty products that won’t dry out your skin!  That being said, I’d like to introduce you to Clayspray – the world’s first clay emulsion in a spray.
The Clayspray line consists of five different masks, each one addressing a specific skin care concern; from Pore Refining, Skin Brightening and Glow to Toning and Mattifying.  Also included in the line are two refreshing mineral water mists that further hydrate and soothe skin both before and after the treatment.
What sets Clayspray apart from other beauty products on the market?
·         Unlike other clay products, Clayspray not only removes impurities and environmental toxins buried deep within pores, but it also provides an incredible moisturizing effect thanks to hydrogels that deliver nutrients directly into the skin.
·         The clay found within Clayspray is sourced from the Irene Mine in Spain’s Iberian Peninsula where it has been protected from pollution and contamination for thousands of years.
·         Only 1% of the mined clay goes into Clayspray! The total concentration of actual clay in the product is 65% (compared to 20% which is found in a majority of other clay mask products).
o   This higher level of clay content makes Clayspray a more effective product, with incredible and instantaneous results!
·         Clayspray offers a no mess application, thanks to its unique spray format (similar to shaving cream). This innovative design prevents the clay from drying out, as is often the case with other clay products found in jars.
Featuring the purest clay in the world, the luxurious Clayspray masks provide added nourishment and hydration to make it the perfect addition to one’s winter skincare routine.

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