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The Reality of Luxury

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Ethical Luxury, the Change is Now


The concept of luxury is changing. Luxury used to mean a mink coat, ostrich boots, or a crocodile handbag. Now, what used to be a sign of wealth is viewed by many as a sign of animal cruelty and human greed.
Why are so many aware of this now than a generation before us? Why are so many crossing over to ethical luxury options?


People have been exposed to the truth regarding leather, fur, and other animal products by way of social media. In China for example, dogs and cats are used in the fashion industry. Perhaps for the first time, people began perceiving their pets as the fashion others wear. Can you imagine your dog as a purse or your cat as a cross body bag? As a result, people’s minds began to shift. After realizing their pets could be a source of fashion, people refused to support non-compassionate products. Instead, they are choosing to purchase cruelty-free fashion.


Indeed even the older generation is now realizing that items such as real fur are not practical and choose to replace them with lighter, more modern materials. And there are changes happening across the globe with South America and Europe creating fashion that is increasingly progressive, innovative and compassionate.


Today, many influencers and designers are also helping to change the idea of luxury into one that involves awareness, ethics and being eco-friendly. Brands such as Stella McCartney and Betsey Johnson are making the shift towards vegan fashion. And who would have ever thought we would have Vegan Fashion Week? But we did this year in New York. And even regular Fashion Week saw more companies using faux fur and leathers. Definitely the old concept of luxury is fading away. Replacing this belief is the concept that luxury is not about flaunting your wealth. Rather, it is about leading others to a more enlightened and compassionate way of living.
You can do this by showing your style, beauty and artistic sensibility with cruelty free items. Remember, people are for the most part
good. And humanity welcomes positive change.


Luxury Brands That are Stylish and Conscious

Here are some of our favorite high-end vegan brands that offer sophisticated, glamorous fashion. And always remember to use hashtags such as #veganshoes #veganfashion to find stylish items for your wardrobe!


Angela Roi

This New York based handbag brand uses only animal friendly materials that are 100% cruelty free. We love her Eleanor Satchel that offers a modern twist on a classic handbag! $220.00.


Ethical Luxury angela roi elenore satchel


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