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Raw Maca Powder

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I meant to order match green tea, but accidentally ordered raw maca powder instead and I could not be more thrilled to stumble upon a fantastic new product from Navitas Naturals.


Well, technically it is not a new product, just new to me. In fact, maca (pronounced ma-kuh) has been around for ages, steaming from the indigenous Andean culture. 

Benefits of Maca:

Increase stamina, boost libido, fights fatigue, regulates stress, nourishes the endocrine system

Interestingly, according to Navitas Naturals, Peruvian lore tells of maca’s use during the Tahuantinsuyo Empire. The root was prescribed to warriors in preparation for battle to increase their strength and endurance. However, outside of war-time, warriors were banned from maca as the leaders knew (and modern scientists have confirmed) that maca can increase the libido. 

Since I am new to maca I am excited to start experimenting with different recipes and creations. Can’t wait to share them with you!

You can find more information on Navitas Naturals website.

XO, Catherine 


Hi! My name is Catherine Denise, at the risk of sounding a bit cheesy I am going to share a little of my obsession with you… My love affair with food began as a very young child; my oldest and fondest memories consistently include food, family, and friends. As always, I credit my food obsession to growing up in the Philippines, my huge Nebraska family, but mostly the many influences from my beautiful, Filipino mother. Around fifth grade my father was stationed to Las Vegas and there I was exposed to an entirely new cuisine, where my obsession with restaurants began. I have been known to spend every last dime I had on a meal and wholeheartedly believe that is how everyone should live! I love all types of food, mostly healthy, but with a dash – or more – of the bad! No one can live without a little bad! Food, to me, is comfort. It’s something that can bring a smile to your face and make your heart feel good. It’s something you share with a neighbor or gift to a new friend. It’s something you make for someone when you can’t find the words to say “I’m sorry” or “I am so in love with you.” Food is something that can heal a broken heart or help you celebrate success! It’s the one thing in this world that binds us all together and that we cannot live without. To fuel my food obsession I own Last Minute Accessories, so be sure to visit and keep me fed!

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