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Put Your Purse on a Diet

Lower your stress levels by cleaning the clutter out of your purse or handbag.

Let’s face it, daily life can be stressful. And even seemingly smaller things can add to the tension in your life, like rummaging through your bag in hast looking for that little something you need STAT. Did you know that by detoxing your handbag, you will streamline your life and lower your stress levels at the same time?


Daily life can lead to buildup of unnecessary items in your purse that you then lug around with you everywhere you go. We’ve all done it before. We carry five lipsticks, three lip glosses and chewing gum that has been sitting in your handbag for over a month. How then do you lessen your load? Begin by emptying your purse on a table. Next, sort your items into two sections: things you use each day and things you hardly use. Then, only allow yourself to put back in the items you use daily. You’ll be surprised just how light your bag is afterward!


Also, by using a smaller bag or pouch inside your larger bag, you can keep smaller items such as lipsticks, lip liners, keys and small change from falling down to the bottom of your purse. Items tend to get “lost” at the bottom of a handbag and are not utilized to their potential. Also, keeping items such as phone chargers and earphones in a separate smaller pouch will help to keep other items from getting tangled up in the cords.


And finally, commit to doing a weekly detox of your purse.  We all have a tendency to accumulate unnecessary items during the week that include trash (such as gum wrappers and tissue), receipts, snack items, too much makeup, and other debris. In addition, items such as excess change, magazines, and water bottles weigh down your purse that can lead to neck and back issues. By cleaning out your handbag once a week you will keep its contents under control and manageable! You’ll be more organized, which will in turn lead to a less stressful life!




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