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The demand for pumpkins has grown dramatically over the past few years in the United States. So much so, that every state has seen more pumpkin farms pop up!


Most US pumpkins are grown in California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
These states produce approximately $145 million worth of pumpkins a year.


Most pumpkins are used to make pumpkin pie filling. However, American consumers are crazy about anything pumpkin-flavored including coffee, beer, ice cream, milk and baking mixes. Pumpkin fans also love pumpkin-scented lotions, soaps and body sprays. In fact, there is even a pumpkin-flavored dog food that brought in $12.87 million last year!


It seems that pumpkinmania is here to stay, at least til the end of October. So enjoy your pumpkin spice latte while it is still here!


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