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The Pros and Cons of a Las Vegas Wedding

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Wedding planning can be a headache, nearly every woman or man who’s gone through it should recognize that. One thing that we’re certain has crossed each mind involved? Eloping. “It would just be so much easier, we’d spend less money, we wouldn’t have to worry about a guest list, the details wouldn’t matter… if we could just elope”. Maybe a Vegas wedding has crossed your mind, and maybe you’re seriously considering it. We’d love to help you make the right decision for your family, so here are the pros and cons of a Las Vegas wedding.


Pro: Quick, Cheap, and Easy

No, not you; the wedding! If you’re considering a Vegas wedding, chances are you’ve had it up to here with spending money and making frivolous decisions. The thought of a big ceremony followed by a big party is just a bunch of hoopla to you, and you’d like to skip right to the good stuff. Great news for you – getting married in Las Vegas is as real and binding as an actual wedding celebration in another state or location, and it’s quick, cheap and easy. Flights to Vegas are typically ultra cheap, and accommodations are as well since resorts want you to spend the majority of your money gambling. It’s as easy as getting there, getting a room, and walking into that little white chapel.


Pro: Who Doesn’t Love Vegas?

Weddings are a celebration, right? What better place to celebrate than the ultimate city for nightlife? Say your “I do”’s and then hit the town with your new spouse, hitting bars, clubs, concerts and anything else you want to do to celebrate. Forget an overly formal evening in an uncomfortable wedding gown and tux, you’ve just swapped that out for a wild night with your sexy significant other in an incredibly fun city.


Pro: It’s About YOU, and That’s a Great Story to Tell

Picture this: you’re 85 years old, sitting hand in hand with your spouse, telling your grandkids the story of 55 years ago when you committed your lives together in one of the most fun locations in America. You talk about how you did it because it was what you both wanted; planning a wedding was what everyone else wanted. So, you escaped together and had the night of your lives – an epic first night to kick off a lifelong commitment to each other.


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