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Predictions for New York Fashion Week 2017?

What do you think is on trend this year? 

Fashionistas get ready because New York Fashion Week begins Thursday! With anticipation building for the shows, what do you think style watchers are predicting this season?


Political Fashion

Perhaps it is no surprise that political statements will be on trend this season. After all, it was an election year. And furthermore, this was one of the most emotionally charged elections in recent time. President Trump is not a seasoned politician. Rather, he is a businessman now running the White House to the dismay of many. Whether you love him or hate him, what better way to express your political views than through your fashion?  Logos inspired by both political parties and global images will be popular this season. And political phrases proudly emblazoned on pieces will be on trend too.


Ethnic Diversity 

This is probably also a backlash against the Trump administration as we’ve already seen it in commercial advertising. We’ll be seeing a lot more Hispanic, Muslim and African models on the runway to illustrate the diversity of American culture today.


Vegan Fashion

Did you know that adopting a plant-based diet was one of the biggest trends of last year? And so it seems only apt that this would also effect fashion. Man-made textiles are not only cruelty-free but many are easily biodegradable and good for the environment. Watch as traditional animal textiles take a back seat this season.


Runway Shows with their own #

It is now becoming the norm for runway shows to have their own custom hashtags that they encourage guests and models to use. This is now key for designers to get their word and new designs out.


Moving Away from the Norm

Rather than just doing runway, designers are now thinking of innovative, new ways to have their designs seen. Vera Wang is debuting a short film that will showcase her collection this season. And Banana Republic is opening pop-up shops on Thursday so fans can see their new spring pieces! Having so much innovation and ingenuity, New York Fashion Week will continue to reign supreme!






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