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Planet Raw Restaurant

Currently I am on my fourth annual “No Meat March,” which I have elected to go 95% raw vegan (I left some room for the non-vegan wines and a couple cooked items that may slip by). No, it’s not for religious reasons, No Meat March just sounds better than No Meat February.

During this month I plan on indulging at one of my favorite raw vegan restaurants, Planet Raw. Their menu is extensive, with only a couple items that include cheese. I intend to try everything on their menu. Here is what I had so far:

Cappuccino (It had honey in it, so technically not vegan. I will not be ordering it again until April)

Coconut Water (Always my favorite)

BBQ Kale Chips (These were not my favorite – I like the dry ones at Whole Foods much better)

Mc”Chick-Un” Breasts Sandwich: Mushroom macidamia “chick-un” w/ nut cheeze, garlic ranch, wild arugula, heirloom tomato, pickle & onion -toasted on sprouted flax.(This was AMAZING and one of my favorites –  mainly because the mushroom that is made to be the “Chick-un”)

Lexi Sliders: Luscious pumpkin tortellini, sundried heirloom tomato, avocado, onion on flax w/ balsamic drizzle (I would order these again – good choice)

Playa Rawviolies: Burning man Favorite! served w/ a soup spoon) turnip cradling chanterelle mushroom nut paté in sweet maple truffle sage butter w/ pignoli (drink the sauce! (add shredded finely aged real cheese $3) (These were great, except there were on top of too much oil. I would like it better minus all the oil)

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