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Pirelli Calendar Breaking Down Beauty Stereotypes Featuring Nearly Naked Amy Schumer

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Since it’s inaugural year in 1964, the Pirelli calendar has been known to feature photos of some of the world’s most famous actresses and models shot by world-renown photographers. This year, they took a slightly different angle and redefined what the world has considered to be a classic beauty making brilliant yet unorthodox choices.

At the launch of the calendar, photographer Annie Leibovitz explained that, for once, the photos had not been conceived with the male gaze in mind. She said Serena William’s photo was “not a nude but a body study” while Schumer’s was a comic conceit: “The idea was that she was the only one who had not gotten the memo about wearing clothes.”

The hard copy of the calendar is only sent out to a few select members and celebrities. However, the images are always widely shared around the Internet.

What do you think of their choices for this year’s calendar?


Yao Chen


Yao Chen-Perelli calendar


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