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Pici Beverly Hills

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I have driven by Pici many times in the last several months, and each time placing the eatery on my mental list of things to do. Regrettably, I didn’t try this quaint and intimate Italian spot much sooner!

Our girls dinner plans started out as any other dinner night out, throwing on a dress, rushing to get to dinner, gossiping on the phone…with food being the furthest thing on our minds.  That all changed after chef Jason seated us and went over a few items on his menu.

We decided to order a bottle of Lambrusco and trusted chef Jason with serving us what he felt was best.  Normally we are a group of chatty girls, but once the food hit the table that all changed. None of us expected the food to be that overwhelmingly pleasing. By the end of our meal we all agreed that Pici is one of our favorite restaurants. Be aware that this restaurant is easily missed and seems to blend in with the rest of the scenery on South Beverly, but once you get a taste, this restaruant stands out in every way and you will undoubtedly return many times over.

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Here is what we were served:


Jumbo Lump crab cakes with chipotle aioli

Grilled portabella mushroom with crispy parsley, truffle, and Parmesan

Grandma Tilli’s meatballs with tomato basil sauce

Artichoke fritters with herb aioli


Farm picked arugula greens with roasted red and golden beets, coach farm goat cheese and a lemon pistachio dressing


Chicken picatta with grilled zucchini, yellow squash and roasted mushrooms with a white wine lemon caper sauce

Chianti braised short ribs with oven roasted mashed potatoes, melted root vegetables and a Chianti gravy (These were my favorite!)

Santa Barbara spot prawn scampi with a lemon garlic chili sauce over house made PICI pasta

DESSERTS (We got excited and ate some of the dessert before we took a picture!)

Cinnamon Sugar Dusted Apple “Doughnuts” with a caramel toffee gelato (AMAZING!)

Strawberry Shortcake with basil orange marinated strawberries, fresh whipped Chantilly cream and a strawberry coulis

Below: Catherine with Chef Jason from Pici

Hi! My name is Catherine Denise, at the risk of sounding a bit cheesy I am going to share a little of my obsession with you… My love affair with food began as a very young child; my oldest and fondest memories consistently include food, family, and friends. As always, I credit my food obsession to growing up in the Philippines, my huge Nebraska family, but mostly the many influences from my beautiful, Filipino mother. Around fifth grade my father was stationed to Las Vegas and there I was exposed to an entirely new cuisine, where my obsession with restaurants began. I have been known to spend every last dime I had on a meal and wholeheartedly believe that is how everyone should live! I love all types of food, mostly healthy, but with a dash – or more – of the bad! No one can live without a little bad! Food, to me, is comfort. It’s something that can bring a smile to your face and make your heart feel good. It’s something you share with a neighbor or gift to a new friend. It’s something you make for someone when you can’t find the words to say “I’m sorry” or “I am so in love with you.” Food is something that can heal a broken heart or help you celebrate success! It’s the one thing in this world that binds us all together and that we cannot live without. To fuel my food obsession I own Last Minute Accessories, so be sure to visit and keep me fed!

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