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Phone Accessories Every Influencer Must Have

Phone Accessories 2017

2017 is going strong and while you might be loving it, are your smartphone accessories up to date? There are a few accessories that you’re absolutely going to need to make your 2017 experience complete, and let’s be honest, a few accessories to make 2017 a little better are sorely needed. The best part, is that some of these come in pink!

The Fitbit

The latest Fitbit devices have come along quite nicely, and they’ve definitely managed to separate themselves from the former, rather nasty issues that involved rashes (though only for a small percentage of users, let’s be honest here.) The Fitbit is capable of helping you out with your workout routine like no other accessory by keeping track of your heart rate, your quality of sleep, steps climbed, and all manner of other personal metrics. It’s going to make your workout better and there’s no one that can argue with that. If you’re planning to up your workout routine anytime soon, then you’re going to need a Fitbit. The best part? It comes in pink!

Qi Wireless Charger

The Qi wireless charger gives you the ability to charge up compatible Android devices without the advent of a charging cable, and you can use it to charge certain wearables as well. It has a great bamboo finish, so it’s going to go along nicely with the theme of your chic apartment.

VicTsing Bluetooth Headset

So you’re tired of holding the phone every single time you want to talk, and you know that answering the phone while driving is an absolute hazard. The VicTsing Bluetooth headset is both stylish and fun, bringing noise-cancelling features, music playback, and even multi-point connections, meaning you can use it with more than one device. It comes in black, unfortunately, but the battery does last for four hours, giving you plenty of talk time and all the more reason to switch to the industry’s smallest Bluetooth headset.

Lax Pro Bank 10000mAH Dual USB Power Bank

You need one of these, there’s no way around it. A Power Bank is absolutely necessary if you’re going to play some of the latest augmented reality games like Pokemon Go and Ingress. A power bank augments your battery and gives you a bit more time to enjoy data, games, and even phone calls. Once again, they come in pink, so why not?

Olympus Air A01 Mirrorless Camera

Your smartphone’s camera is pretty nice, we aren’t going to downplay it, but sometimes you need something a bit more powerful. The Olympus is able to capture high resolution images at 4608 x 3458, giving you some of the most amazing pictures, even in low light environments. It even connects to other Wi-Fi enabled devices and uploads to multiple locations easily.


As an influencer, these are some of the devices you absolutely need to have. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it’s time to update your accessories!



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