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Paris Hilton Hires Bodyguards to Protect $2 Million Engagement Ring

It was confirmed that Paris Hilton hired 24/7 security to protect her valuable engagement ring.  The heiress hired a bodyguard to shadow her and watch over the massive, 22-carat, multi-million dollar bling.

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Hilton and her boyfriend Chris Zylka got engaged in Aspen, Colorado, during the New Year’s weekend. She announced her engagement with a series of romantic photos and videos on her Instagram account, where her shinning rock was front and center.

Renowned jeweler, Michael Greene, was the one in charge of designing the $2million sparkler. “Paris just called and told me how much she appreciates it. She says it’s her dream diamond,” the jeweler said in an interview. “She said she never thought Chris would come up with something so perfect. She’s so happy and excited.”

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Greene also revealed how great it was to work with Zylka on selecting the appropriate diamond for the former “Simple Life” star.  “I had never met Chris before, but he reached out to me. He came to see me in New York and said he had been thinking about this and wanting to do it. He wanted the ring to be perfect, exactly what she wanted. He had been asking around the family for tips and ideas,” said Greene.

Zylka decided on a pear shape because it was similar to Hilton’s mother’s ring. Right after the engagement, Greene said “Paris at one point in time told Chris she really loved her mother’s pear-shaped diamond, and when Chris came to me that was his request. The pear-shaped really jumped out for him and ultimately for her. He did some fishing, but in the end, it was all him. He’s a smart guy, and hangs out a lot with the family, and I think she realized how much she liked her mom’s ring.”

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According to reports, both Zylka and Hilton “started shaking” the first time they held the sparkler.

Greene added, “When he [Zylka] came to pick it up and opened up the box, he literally started shaking,” and Paris told People, “The ring was so gorgeous and sparkling. I was shaking as I put it on. It is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen!”

The heiress added, “I am so excited to be engaged to the love of my life and my best friend. I have never felt so happy, safe and loved. He is perfect for me in every way and showed me that fairytales really do exist!”


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