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Pamela Anderson to Send Melania Trump Faux Fur Coat

Animal rights activist and former Baywatch beauty is sending the new First Lady a faux fur coat.

During her first week as First Lady, Melania Trump is garnering attention from vegan celebrity, Pamela Anderson.  The blonde actress and animal rights advocate said she is going to send the First Lady a Russian faux fur coat to bring awareness to animals that are still used in the fur industry.

The actress made the statement last week during an event for PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, held in Washington, DC.  Anderson said, “I’m going to send her one of my Russian eco-fur coats as a gift because I’m designing furs in Russia right now.”

In addition, as an individual who has spoken out on the behalf of animal rights, Anderson has urged the state of Louisiana to serve vegan meals within their prison system. She also launched two vegan shoe lines last year. One line, Pammie’s Life, offers a cruelty-free option to the traditional Ugg boot. In addition, Pammie’s Life now offers ballet flats that are made of Toray Ultrasuede that will fool even the most discriminating eye.

Previously, Anderson has recognized the fact she was one of the celebrities who influenced many to wear Uggs during her Baywatch days. During this time, she didn’t understand the cruelty associated with shearling products. She now acknowledges this as the beginning of her career in animal activism. And today, Pammie’s Life is popular among those seeking an animal-friendly and eco-aware alternative to shoes created from traditional animal textiles.

Regarding the new administration, Anderson said her main concern is conservation and the environment. What a great way for her to show support for Melania Trump and her fashion sense than by gifting her with a luxurious Russian faux fur coat!




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