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Pam Anderson Leads the Crusade Against Pornography


If you’ve wondered what Pamela Anderson has been up to lately, you might be surprised that it has nothing to do with her sexy image which made her famous on Baywatch, Playboy, or her notorious sex tape with ex Tommy Lee. In fact, you might be shocked to find out that a celebrity whose career was launched by her sexuality, is now a crusader against porn.

You heard correctly. Pam Anderson has become a crusader against porn because she believes that pornography contributes to the breakdown of marriages and men becoming desensitized to emotional sex.

When asked about posing for Playboy, she has fond memories of this time in her life and said she doesn’t regret her affiliation with the magazine. She explained, “Porn killed Playboy. It was somewhat innocent and titillating and girl-next-door. It wasn’t very explicit. As we get more access via technology and the internet, people have become desensitized. It takes more and more for people to get aroused and, even in romantic relationships, it is really taking its toll. I don’t want the world to forget how to make love.”

Anderson seems to be positively reinventing herself. In addition to her anti-porn crusade, Anderson has created a line of vegan boots, Pammie’s Life.  These luxurious, cruelty-free boots can be found at

What do you think? Do you think easy access to porn was the downfall of Playboy?




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