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Pakistan’s “Kim Kardashian” Quandeel Baloch Dead by Honor Killing

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You might have already heard about the Pakistani social media personality who was murdered this week in an apparent “honor killing”. Qandeel Baloch gained social media fame by posting sexually provocative images of herself on Facebook. Not only did she post racy pictures and videos, she dared to be outspoken. She commented on her desire to change the “typical orthodox mindset” of Pakistan. In doing this, she was ultimately killed, strangled by her own brother.

Qandeel had already received death threats and abuse, but she continued to post sexy images of herself, earning her the title of “Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian” in the process. When she posted a selfie with a member of the Muslim cleric that accused him of violating the Ramadan fast, she received death threats. She then had to seek government protection.

Qandeel knew what she was trying to convey to her supporters was dangerous. She thanked them for “understanding the message I try to convey through my bold posts and videos.” She also said, “It’s time to bring a change because the world is changing.” Unfortunately, the world is changing with the exception of countries where honor killings are still an accepted method of controlling women.


Pakistan’s “Kim Kardashian” Quandeel Baloch Dead by Honor Killing3

Pakistan’s “Kim Kardashian” Quandeel Baloch Dead by Honor Killing2



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