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Pajama Party Girl Style

You know all of those people who constantly told you that you can’t wear your pajamas in public? Thanks to some recent fashion innovations, you can pretty much tell them to go shove it now, or maybe do so in nicer terms. Then again, it’s going to be up to you, isn’t it? Too many people seem to think that pajamas need to stay in the bedroom and you know what we say? We say they need to come out and enjoy the fresh air. There are so many cute styles that are wasted simply because you’re the only one who ever sees the, but there ARE some problems that need to be overcome.


Getting Outfitted

The biggest problem we’ve found with wearing PJ’s as actual clothing is the fact that they ARE made for the bedroom, and they can’t really stand up to everyday use. If you tried to wear pajamas out on the town then it wouldn’t be too terribly long before you found yourself with a torn hem or a coffee stain that simply won’t come out. To make it even worse, you might just end up freezing because your sleepwear doesn’t have the same lining as actual clothes – it’s a real problem and it puts a cramp on your fashion, doesn’t it?

Some of the pajama sets that we’ve come across lately are extremely flattering, but if you’re going to go all out and wear them on the street, it would behoove you to find a set, or a few sets that are in fact meant for the outside world. Yes, there are quite a few styles and designs that are 100% made to mimic real pajamas while giving you the sensation of wearing real clothes.


Find your Brand

There are a ton of different brands, like Piamita and F.R.S. that specialize in the creation of bedroom style clothes, made specifically for wearing during the daytime, and more specifically, for wearing outside. Recently, J. Crew started a collaboration with Drake’s to create a line of daytime pajamas, ultimately coming up with clothes that look just like what you’d go to sleep in, but you can wear them outside, every single day.


So, there is the question of whether or not this new trend is going to last. Is it going to stick around for a while or will it be remembered less than fondly as many of the old 90’s trends? It remains to be seen but you know what? For the moment you can wear pajamas in the street and it’s socially acceptable. What a time to be alive!







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