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Paisley and Sparrow: The Accessories and Home Decor Line with a Cause

Have you ever thought about where your jewelry came from or who made it? Was it made in a factory somewhere in Asia where that same machine made 3,000 more of them that day? Or was it handmade especially for you by a friend struggling to start her own jewelry line in your hometown?

While not all purchases can guarantee you’re helping someone in need, with the accessories and home decor company Paisley and Sparrow
you can. Depending on what item you buy, each piece is handmade by female survivors of human trafficking, addiction, modern day slavery, and other tragedies. By employing these women, it gives them another chance at life and the opportunity to support their families.

Today we are spotlighting a few of our favorite pieces. Our model is fashion and lifestyle blogger, Iridescent Scarab. She has styled the Mirage Necklace, Dawn Drop Earrings, and the Wire Wrap Crystal Bracelet with a mesh white top, flirty miniskirt, and black heels. In our second look, she has styled the Firebird Necklace with a simple black tank and dark jeans for an effortless yet powerful and sexy look in honor of the word “Strength” stamped on the firebird.

Instead of visiting
all of your favorite retailers for fall or holiday shopping, take a look at Paisley and Sparrow this time around. Their products are
gorgeous, handmade, and high-quality. We highly recommend them. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter
so you get 20% off your first purchase!





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