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Pack Your Bags! Let’s Go on a Relaxing Fall Getaway to Mackinac Island!

If you’re looking to experience old historic charm, Mackinac Island is the place for you!

Every summer, I’d make the trip out to Southern California to visit my grandparents. And when I was there, they were totally devoted to our time together.  And as autumn approached, I would travel back home for the new school year. And what did my grandparents do? They would visit Mackinac Island!

As a young child, I couldn’t even imagine that my grandparents had a life without me.  But they did! They looked forward to the changing colors of the leaves on the island, the historic charm and, of course, the food!

Today, Mackinac Island is a resort area that is best seen during fall.  It is 3.8 miles in size and is located in the state of Michigan.  So, let’s take a look at what makes this tiny island so very special!


Even in the fall, there is abundant wildlife on the island!  If you are an animal lover, there are plenty of photo ops around every corner!

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