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How to Pack Like a Fashionable Jetsetter

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Jenny Cipoletti, Creator of Style & Travel Blog “Margo & Me


There are very few things in life that are better than knowing that you’ve squeezed a week’s worth of outfits into the perfect sized carry-on bag. As an avid jetsetter, I’ve truly mastered the art of packing. Whether it’s for a quick weekend getaway to Palm Springs or a month-long excursion in Europe, you can never be too prepared. It doesn’t matter if you’re the ultimate fashionista or a total no-frills traveler – whatever your vacation style, I’ve rounded up my favorite tips and tricks so you can pack like a pro.



Put heavier items underneath

In order to maximize your space, keep your suitcase bottom heavy by starting with coats, shoes, denim, etc. This eliminates any of your fragile, specialty pieces from getting crushed along the way.

Roll your denims

Although it doesn’t always look like it, denim surprisingly takes up a ton of room. By rolling your denims, you can keep them from taking up too much space. To take it one step further, use your rolled up denims to line the perimeter of your suitcase to give your bag the perfect structure and use every square inch of space!

Put purses in a shoe box to preserve their form

Sure some bags are more structured; However, use shoe boxes to store all of your soft bags that might lose their shape en route to your destination. It’s the best feeling when your bags are still in mint condition!

Use a mesh bag for toiletries for easy access

Mesh bags have become one of my personal favorite travel essentials. I often travel with so many different cosmetics and beauty products that I forget where everything is. A soft, mesh bag allows you to see everything you have without having to rummage through your perfectly packed kit.

Place your hats upside down and stuff with clothing

Talk about maximizing space AND preserving form. I’m a self-professed hat lover and wouldn’t dream of traveling without one, so I’ve had to figure out the best ways to keep them preserved. My solution? Stuffing all of my basics inside of them: tops, tees, etc. This keeps the shape of the hat intact and also allows me to get a couple more key pieces in there!




And there you have it, my favorite tips and tricks for getting the most out of your luggage. It’s not rocket science, but it’s definitely a perfect example of practice makes perfect! And before you know it, I promise you’ll be itching to pull that suitcase out of the depths of your closet for your next big adventure!


Jenny Cipoletti

Jenny Cipoletti



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