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Pace Restaurant

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GUNAS New York

Pace is a hidden jewel nestled half way up Lauren Canyon. This Italian restaurant has a warm, friendly, and inviting feel with its rustic and candle-lit atmosphere.

It was extremely crowded the night we went, which is likely why the service was slow.  What I liked about the friendly staff was that they were well aware of the slow service and provided us with a complimentary tiramisu dessert.

Pace presents its guest with almonds and olives, as well as a breadbasket.  We ordered Tagliatelle con piselli e prosciutto, Hercules’ pie, and Hera’s pie. If you’re a meat lover I suggest the Hercules’ pie. I have heard great things about the chocolate soufflé as well.

If you are into star sightings, this restaurant might be the place for you. We were seated next to Russell Brand and walked right by Mario Lopez. 

Pace would be a great place to bring a date, especially if you want the extra time to spend with someone.

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