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Model: Sofia Pernas,
Styling: Rene Sweeney,
Makeup: Katarina Van Derham

Ahhhh I love this boho summer look!! In most cities in the US June is the beginning of summer when things are just starting to warm up. It’s your last chance to get away with wearing those super cute jeans you just made from watching our Viva Glam DIY video! The key to this look is lots of layering. Layering adds texture, depth and interest to your outfit. Here we’ve layered a lace body suit with a soft, semi-sheer cotton vest. The pants are super flared and we’ve added a pair of deep brown leather wedges to add just the right amount of height so the jeans aren’t dragging the ground. The accessories are the final touch to our look. The hat is a rich brown that helps balance the light colors in the rest of the outfit. We’ve also added a turquoise and sterling bracelet and ring to give the outfit a slight accent of color. It all comes together to make a perfectly polished outfit for this summer!

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