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Our 2016 Vegan of the Year Award Goes to Katarina Van Derham

CEO and founder of VIVA GLAM Magazine, Katarina Van Derham, is named our 2016 Vegan of the Year!

Most of you are familiar with our founder, Katarina Van Derham, as she is an actress, model, and CEO of VIVA GLAM Magazine. But did you also know that she has been a passionate vegan for decades and has dedicated her life to both animal rights and environmental issues?

In fact, she created VIVA GLAM Magazine as a platform to educate readers on certain topics such as animal testing for cosmetics, animal abuse in the meat industry and animal exploitation in fashion and entertainment.

She has campaigned for PETA, Peace 4 Animals, Last Chance for Animals and Animal Hope and Wellness to name just a few of the non-profit organizations that she has supported.

When asked about her vegan diet, she said, “I believe EVERYTHING is energy. That’s why it’s important what you surround yourself with as well as what you put on, and into your body. If you eat the sunlight, life, and oxygen that is in fruits and vegetables, you will become life. Your skin will radiate, you’ll be healthy and happy. If you eat dead flesh that came from sick animals that suffered and were depressed, you will become depressed, ill and unhappy. The animal’s feelings are in the blood and the organs as it gets slaughtered. Then they end up in your body. I guarantee you none of the animals were feeling joy and happiness during their slaughter. I believe depression is linked to meat and even dairy consumption. You know that saying: “You are what you eat.” That means on the spiritual, physical and mental level.”


vegan-katarina-van-derham-closeup 2016 vegan of the year


She has set an example to others by living what she calls an “ethical luxury lifestyle”.  What is this? Katarina believes you can live an ethical and glamorous lifestyle without sacrificing quality or luxury.  After all, no living being should exist solely as a source for fashion or food. And by eliminating animals from our food and fashion purchases, we don’t have to forgo quality.


What advice does she have for consumers wanting to make the switch?  Katarina explains, “My advice to those who want to make a switch to the vegan lifestyle is simple. Make a grocery list of items you like to eat. Then Google the alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs and just go shopping. If your local store doesn’t carry some of it, no problem. Just order them online. Then cook the same dishes you like to eat but with the alternatives. Once you learn about all the amazing stuff that’s out there, it will become your second nature. Follow some great vegans on social media and check out the vegan hashtags to learn even more. The same applies to other areas of your lifestyle. No leather sofas, fur coats, leather car seats….they are all bad energy.”


Katarina constantly strives to bring awareness to the plight of animals worldwide. And she continues to educate all generations on the health benefits of simply not eating meat.  She believes anyone can change if they want to. And by adopting a vegan diet, you can attain a happy and fulfilled life!

And this is why we have chosen Katarina Van Derham as our 2016 Vegan of the Year! She exemplifies someone who not only lives a healthy, vegan lifestyle, she also educates others as to its benefits.  So much so, that she even created a platform, VIVA GLAM Magazine, in which to tell the world!


Congratulations Katarina!




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