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Mr. Hollywood Oskar Rivera: Living the Life of His Dreams

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Mr. Hollywood and Rivera Productions

Many may see producer Oskar Rivera’s life on social media and be impressed by the opulent lifestyle that he leads. He is the owner of Rivera Productions and rubs elbows with some of Hollywood’s elite. You see him traveling the world via private jet and sailing to luxurious parties on super yachts. But Oskar isn’t here in Hollywood to be famous…his goal is to leave a legacy.

Oskar has been in the business of producing for over 5 years now. In fact, he has been working non-stop since he came to America from his native El Salvador. When I asked him how he got started, Oskar told me “I started out in Hollywood as an actor and model. Because of this, I was asked to attend networking events – often times as an interviewer. I enjoyed talking with and learning about people, but I wanted to do more; I wanted to help. It was there that I began hosting and eventually producing events. Before I knew it, I was branding myself and had people from all over the world working with me.”




What does Rivera Productions do exactly? They produce luxurious events, everything from world premieres to launching parties. They also handle public relations for independent clients, such as liquor companies, plastic surgeons, and fashion, beauty, and cosmetic companies. Their specialty is luxury branding, and as a business partner with Celebrity Connected, they are able to place products in gifting suites and award shows for every event in town. Oh, and did we mention Oskar is also one of the producers of LA Fashion Week?!


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